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Thursday, August 18, 2016

NOW!!!  Free Annual subscription of web base compliance management software;

(Limited access to web base compliance management software)

Compliance Watcher is a venture by Expert Professionals from Compliance management, internal audit and software development professional from Banking, manufacturing, service and IT industries with an aim to provide the Best compliance management Solutions and outsource compliance audit Service with global standards. We expect high growth rate in business and expansion to other countries based on the Business Plans and Potentials in the near future. We value the customer satisfaction as top priority always and enhance the service deliveries based on the feedback received from them time to time.

We, Compliance Watcher has developed a compliance tracking and management software.

 We are provider of "software as a service" for compliance tracking and management software. Where user can manage and analyses their compliance or others.

In a current business / profession world, complexity increase and stricter consequences for noncompliance, streamlined and proactive compliance management is a must. The Compliance Watcher's "Compliance Management Software" reduces time-intensive tasks to painless assignments, simplifying the process of tracking and managing compliance with all regulations including internal policy and procedures.
This software is cloud base as well as available for installation on user premises on their server, some benefits of using this software is listed below;
  •       Compliance audits made easy   
  •       Role based access
  •       Increased transparency
  •       Dynamic reports
  •       Dashboard         
  •       Alerts and triggers          
  •       Planner and tracker
  •       Single screen based system       
  •       Document repository, and many more..
Please visit our website and click on pricing for further information to make the payment for premium service and access to entire web base compliance management software. Write on the email for any assistance.

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